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I offer 4 applications of high quality fertilizer and weed killer. These treatments will keep your grass green and healthy while keeping your dandelions, thistles, clover, morning glory and many other weeds under control.

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Professional, family friendly pest services. I use premium products and treatments that will control hobo spiders, ants, earwigs, box elder bugs, crickets, centipedes, wasps, mice, and many other local pests.

Services typically include:

  • Insect barrier around the exterior foundation of your home.

  • Window well treatment.

  • Spider web & wasp nest removal.

  • Garage treatment.

  • Inspect for and treat insect nesting areas around your home.



By removing small plugs from your lawn, you open the lawn up to more airflow, water, and nutrients. Aeration relieves compaction and helps break down the thatch layer in your lawn. It will also stimulate root growth, helping your lawn become thick and healthy.
My top of the line equipment will ensure that the job is done correctly.



Too often we focus solely on applying fertilizers to help our grass grow and be healthy. But what about the soil that our lawns are growing from? Each lawn's soil has a certain pH.  A healthy lawn prefers a pH between 6.5-7.0, which is slightly acidic or neutral. If your lawn's pH is not close enough to this range, then your lawn is unable to use many of the beneficial nutrients that are already in your soil, as well as the nutrients you are adding through fertilizers.

By applying soil amendment products, your lawn will see these benefits:

  1. More balanced pH

  2. Better water retention

  3. Less thatch

  4. A more green and healthy lawn



Are there spots in your lawn that won't grow or stay green no matter how much you water or fertilize? You may have insects feeding on your grass . White grubs, billbug grubs and sod webworms are just a few of the bugs that could be causing this damage. With the correct products and correct application timing, you can get rid of these pests and get your lawn looking healthy and green again.



Crabgrass is an annual grassy weed that invades many lawns in our area. I will apply a pre-emergent herbicide in the early spring (a pre-emergent herbicide is a weed killer that is applied before the weed has started growing). This pre-emergent herbicide will kill the crabgrass as it tries to grow in its earliest stages. I will then apply a post-emergent herbicide or manually remove any crabgrass that may show up.

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I can repair bare or thin spots in your lawn by planting high quality grass seed. I can also spread grass seed over the top of your existing lawn to help it grow thicker and crowd out pesky weeds.

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"Before Logan started working on my lawn I had large patches slowly being taken over by grubs. I had tried to get rid of them myself but nothing I did worked well enough.
What I appreciated most was he would take the time before or after application to walk around my yard with me and explain the problems I had and his plan to fix them.
This local and personal attention will have me using Tibbitts Lawn and Pest every year."

Craig Allred

"Logan has taken care of our yard for 2 years. It’s the greenest in the neighborhood. He has great service and good value."

Rick Krupa

"This was our first season using Logan for our yard. We were very impressed with the result. Logan was professional, timely, and our yard has never looked better. I would highly recommend him."

Whitney Blake

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Tibbitts Lawn & Pest was started in January of 2019 and is locally owned and operated by myself, Logan Tibbitts. I take pride in serving the area I grew up in. With years of experience in the pest control and lawn care industry, you can feel confident knowing that you are getting a high quality service. From bugs to grass blades, I've got you covered!

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Idaho Falls, ID


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